COMMERCIAL FILM ADVERTISEMENT: ODC© combines the technological arts of language, film, imaging, special effects, and music into targeted messaging that reaches your advertising audiences with trendy and sophisticates commercial advertisement.

Advantages include:

  • Low prices – exceptionally high quality advertising.
  • Cooperative production environments.
  • No surprises — you are part of the production team.
  • No technical hassles – let us work out the details.
  • Product is finalized in multiple formats serving a variety of broadcasting environments.

Products include:

Commercial Advertising: Television advertisement, product and business presentations in DVD looping format, Company and realty virtual tours in DVD and Internet based presentation formats. Call us for a free consultation today.

ODC© creates unique slogans and advertising language to help you promote your products. Many years of professional exposure to the advertising industry and knowledge of diffusion techniques support our role in providing you with the best services available at prices you can afford.

All advertising images, slogans and language on this Web site are the property of ODC©. Use without written consent is prohibited.

The ODC Commercial Film Advertisement Process:

PHASE V© Commercial Advertisement Productions

Phase I: Client Interview
Phase II: Client Consultations
Phase III: Production Preparations.
Phase IV: Filming – Studio productions.
Phase V: Closing.

At ODC© commercial advertisement production is a process in which the client is encouraged to participate providing feedback during the production process. Through the process of PHASE V© commercial advertisement production, clients are content during the production process and they are more satisfied with the final product. For more information about how this process can benefit your advertising concern please read our Internet information brochure provided here:


Client interview: At the client interview the purpose of the advertisement is discussed and defined. Initial Target audiences are explored and defined demographically. Preliminary approaches to the advertising purpose are proposed.

As a result of the client interview ODC© will script a commercial messaging line on a story board presentation.

Scripting: Creating an advertising message which is in the language and meets the expectations of the targeted audience, while impacting the purpose of the advertisement positively.

Story boarding: Infusing the scripted advertisement message with images and behavioral actions in scenes which complement and enhance the message. Creating graphic drawings and electronic animated presentations are mediums of story boarding.

ODC© will help you forge your company brand starting with a free consultation today!