Odisey Design Company© is an outsource of production materials for your company. As a freelance provider, ODC© is here to supplement your graphic art productions, photography, and other services. We can represent your business with our own when you need us.

The benefits of ODC© freelance cooperative services:

  • Freelance means independent – this means you can catch up on back log without hiring additional employees.
  • Convenience means we are there only when you need extra help – there to help in a snap.
  • Professionalism means we provide a level of quality in product you will be proud to display as your own — and it is your own.
  • Cooperation means we provide products to your specifications in design expectations and delivery formats — all in a timely manner.

  • Contact us for Freelance services

    We’ve worked with Steely Eye Designs as a reference on some freelance projects.

    Production equipment:

    ODC© Production Equipment represents state of the art technology. Although we are small we are capable of producing very powerful multimedia products, which match the formats and standards of large production companies. State of the art equipment coupled with our small organization size enables us to provide our clients with products that are of the highest quality format and content matter at an exceptionally reasonable price.

    ODC© production equipment manufacturers:

  • Adobe graphic production products
  • Macromedia graphic and web development tools
  • Nikon, Canon, and Fuji photography and film equipment
  • ROLAND CORPORATION© digital sound studios equipment

  • Academic Portfolio:

    Mr. Debiase holds both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from West Virginia University. He is currently a resident pursuing Doctoral studies at West Virginia University’s Technology Education Program. Academic projects include designing and maintaining Internet Web sites and promotional films for the College of Arts & Sciences’ Foreign Languages Department, The Intensive English Program, and The Language Learning Resource Center.