Remastered Digital Images: ODC© uses today’s most successful imaging technologies to recreate images. Techniques include manipulating images to reflect time and space, adding special effects to images, and repairing damaged images. Applying these techniques successfully to the art of advertising is the aim of ODC©. We strive to create new and fresh ideas while maintaining the ever changing mainstream ideologies. Using state of the art image and graphic art technologies in art creations and production, ODC© combines movements, lines, and colors in representations that capture the essence of your business messaging. Radically low prices and high quality are your key to savings for business advertising. Contact us today for a free consultation and pricing information.

Products include:

Repaired images for advertising or personal portfolio. Digitally remastered images for advertising or sales. Special effects and composites. Creations of large scale prints for framing. Call us for a free consultation today.

ODC© creates unique slogans and advertising language to help you promote your products. Many years of professional exposure to the advertising industry and knowledge of diffussion techniques support our role in providing you with the best services available at prices you can afford.

All advertising images, slogans and language on this Web site are the property of ODC©. Use without written conscent is prohibitted.

Print productions: ODC© will create original poster prints for your business or organization. We will use either our copyright free stock photography, create original photography and art work, or use your photography for the print.

Moscow Musicians 2005: This print is one of many created this summer as a result of a east european tour. Other very intriguing prints from this tour are being produced as individual art pieces and as fixed composites and will be offered for sale soon.

Digital Remastering productions: ODC© recreates and repairs imagery for advertising art work, art displays, posters, letterheads, and etc… Proces are very affordable. If you have a question about your project please contact us today for answers. Call us for a free consultation today.

Before remastering: Telephone poles, wires, autos, and a variety of other unsightly obstacles diminish the quality of the photo for high profile display.

After remastering: Unsightly elements have been removed and the image is repaired, improving the overall quality of the image. The addition of other art work is also added in the example. This image is now ready for print as it is, or for use in other advertising or publication formats such as posters, letter heads, etc…

ODC© will help you forge your company brand starting with a free consultation today!