Odisey Design Company© consulting services provide our clients with a personal view of how we think and solve business related advertising and production problems from Internet websites to full blown television commercials. Through an analysis of client resources and advertising needs we comprehensively plan logical solutions which are aimed at attaining the highest profile for your business in the public eye. Methodologies include a combination of counter market analysis, cognitive and physical advertising psychology, and group idea storming.

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ODC© consulting services are accessible in two ways:

1) Clients have the option of starting a thread of communication through a personal online portal. This way, clients will receive a personal log in and pass code to begin their consulting session.

Advantages include:

  • Passive analysis of communication line.
  • Inquire or respond when convenient.
  • Low stress communication.
  • Free for Internet clients.
  • Printable.

2) Clients also have the option of house consulting services from an ODC© professional. ODC© will visit your place of business and confront your advertising issues in their own domain.

Advantages include:

  • Direct objective focus of your advertising needs.
  • Professional personal communicative exchange of ideas.
  • Low stress communication.
  • Low cost for Internet clients.

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