ODC© – Odisey Design Company© “Leader of ‘Community’ among businesses.

ODC© is a small West Virginia based business founded on the interests and talents of Morgantown native-Entrepreneur Marc Debiase. ODC© began providing local businesses and merchants in Morgantown, West Virginia with Internet Web sites & hosting services in 1998. Since then clients as far reaching as the cloths industry in Chicago, the real estate business in Tennessee, and the international music industry in New York, NY. and in Sussex, England have bennifited from ODC© services. In 2005 ODC© expanded its scope of services to include a variety of adaptable multimedia products which take our clients’ image into the public eye further through dynamically combining colors, shapes, sounds, and movements into attractive and intelligent targeting messages.

The ODC© principles of business philosophy are:

Enjoyment: doing what one loves to do as a business practice.
Intelligence: to maintain a competitive edge in the industry.
Vision: to see the current and future marketing needs and trends in the Morgantown area; and in the world.
Cooperation: to bring businesses together into a profitable environment.

ODC© background:

family orientation to business-practice ethics and rationale
10 years of life business experiences
technical training and advanced higher education.

Academic Portfolio:

Mr. Debiase holds both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from West Virginia University. He is currently a resident pursuing Doctoral studies at West Virginia University’s Technology Education Program. Academic projects include designing and maintaining Internet Web sites and promotional films for the College of Arts & Sciences’ Foreign Languages Department , The Intensive English Program , and The Language Learning Resource Center.

ODC© personnel are Morgantown natives and international freelance cooperatives who may contribute to projects which meet their level of training expertise and specialties. Through facilitating such a diverse and broad group, ODC© is capable of bounding cultural, language, and national boundaries; delivering your business image and messages to communities of many different peoples, locally, nationally, and internationally.

ODC© production equipment represents state of the art technology. Although we are small we are capable of producing very powerful multimedia products, which match the formats and standards of large production companies. State of the art equipment coupled with our small organization size enables us to provide our clients with products that are of the highest quality format and content matter at an exceptionally reasonable price.


We’d like to thank the following companies for supporting us on current and past projects in the areas of design and programming:

Forza Media

Thank you for your insights and your incredibly talented resources!